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This is where you can post feedback about Growstuff or ask for help with using the site. Before posting, you might want to check the list of Known Issues. If you want to see what we're working on next, you can check out our tracker.

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Subject Most recent activity
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Dead plants 16 Jul
multiple users on one account 30 Jul
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Goji not a listed plant? 20 Aug
Planting chilli peppers in Growstuff 08 Aug
Roadmap and new features 24 Jul
Draft roadmap 19 Jul
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Please take our roadmap survey! 11 Jul
link to list of known issues 05 Jul
What's next? 11 Jun
Public launch! (and new features) 07 Jun
New features: search nearby by... 07 May
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Known Issues 16 Jul
A couple of minor UI things 01 Apr
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Crop page suggestions 28 Mar
"Nearby gardens" or similar feature? 28 Mar
Personalized Avatars 28 Mar
Welcome aboard! 24 Mar
New features: faq, delete gardens,... 21 Mar
Suggestions! 20 Mar