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Please take our roadmap survey!

Skud is using Growstuff to discuss Please take our roadmap survey! with a community of food gardeners worldwide. We have advice on growing hundreds of different crops, and a community from all around the world. Sign in or sign up to or to start using Growstuff to track what you're planting and harvesting.
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Please take our roadmap survey!

We're currently planning what we're going to work on next for Growstuff. We built the basics of the website, but there's so much more to do. If you've got a few minutes to spare, I'd really appreciate it if you'd take the time to answer this survey. It asks you a bit about how you garden, how you've used Growstuff so far, and then (the best bit!) what you want us to work on next.

To whet your appetite, here are some of the possibilities:

  • Expand the range of crops in the system
  • Plant "other" crops that aren't in our crop database (eg. houseplants, ornamentals)
  • Ability to mark a planting as finished (eg. dead, all harvested, etc.)
  • Say where you got a plant/seeds from (eg. nursery, from a friend)
  • Ability to mark a garden as inactive (eg. moved house)
  • Track harvests of produce (eg. 3lb tomatoes)
  • Say what you did with produce (eg. made jam)
  • Ability to transplant from one garden to another
  • Better photo uploading
  • Wishlist for things you'd like to plant in future
  • To-do list for future planting/maintenance (eg. feeding, pruning)
  • Emailed reminders of upcoming to-do items
  • Track what seeds you have
  • Track other materials/equipment/resources (eg. fertilizer, tools)
  • Post your Growstuff activity to Twitter/Facebook/other social media
  • Add more information to member profile pages (eg. website links, bio)
  • Make it easier to find members near you (geographically)
  • Make it easier to find friends/people you already know on Growstuff
  • Find members who grow things similar to you (regardless of location)
  • Follow other members
  • "Newsfeed" of activity from people you're following
  • Have recent activity emailed to you
  • Ability to comment in more places (eg. on individual crops or on people's photos)
  • More forums/different topics
  • Let me create my own forum/group
  • Improved editor for posts/comments/descriptions (to insert markup/links/pictures)
  • Threaded comments on posts
  • Ability to track forums or posts, and get email notifications
  • More/better/more visible RSS feeds
  • Improve notifications/inbox (eg. "sent" folder, mass deletion)
  • Add sun/shade/water needs to crop page
  • Add propagation methods to crop page
  • Add information on where to buy seeds/plants to crop page
  • Add information on companion plants to crop page
  • Add information about pests and diseases of various crops
  • Show a map of where a crop is being grown
  • Show information about what people near you are growing
  • Offer seeds to sell/swap or find seeds that others are offering
  • Offer produce to sell/swap or find produce that others are offering
  • Trade/share other resources (eg. manure, woodchipper)
  • Monthly paid account subscription
  • Buy paid accounts as gifts for other people
  • Improved site design/visual appeal
  • Better international/multilingual support, eg. international names for crops
  • Better mobile support (phone/tablet)
  • API (Application Programming Interface)

If you've got other suggestions or ideas, feel free to let me know!