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New maintainers for Growstuff

Skud is using Growstuff to discuss New maintainers for Growstuff with a community of food gardeners worldwide. We have advice on growing hundreds of different crops, and a community from all around the world. Sign in or sign up to or to start using Growstuff to track what you're planting and harvesting.
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New maintainers for Growstuff

Hi all,

You may have noticed that things have been very quiet with Growstuff for the last year or so. This is primarily because I have been dealing with some serious health issues that left me unable to manage Growstuff, or even to spend much time online, since early 2015. Things are looking somewhat better these days, but I’ve realised that I’m not going to be able to give Growstuff the attention it deserves. The time has come to step back officially and put the project in the hands of people who can take better care of it than I currently can.

Miles, Cesy, and Maco, three of the developers on the Growstuff project, will be taking it over from here on out. All three are experienced open source contributors, and Miles and Cesy were two of the very first coders to join Growstuff in 2012. I will be shutting down Growstuff-the-business (which was founded in the hope of being able to pay people to work on the project, but sadly didn’t pan out) and the open source project will become a community-run one. I know that Miles, Cesy, and Maco will do a brilliant job, continuing to build the Growstuff platform as well as maintaining Growstuff’s traditions as a supportive and welcoming open source community. I wish them all the best.

For any future enquiries about Growstuff, please contact them at

Thank you for supporting Growstuff.


Alex Bayley

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Posted by Cesy on June 17, 2016 at 18:17

We'd like to give a big thank-you to Skud for her work on Growstuff over the past few years - for her vision in founding the organisation and site, for setting it up, getting the core of the site working, and mentoring all of us in both coding and the crucial but harder-to-quantify skills such as building community links, marketing, making sure we have a financially viable organisation, making sure our data is open and that our set-up is designed to encourage ethical behaviour, as well as linking in with existing organisations and not reinventing the wheel. Her experience in open-source community building has been hugely valuable. We've also appreciated her friendship, gardening tips, and photos of plants along the way.

Thank you, Skud! We wish you well in the future and hope your health improves soon.

Cesy, Maco and Pozorvlak