Posted by Skud in Growstuff Feedback & Support on 2013-04-03 00:15:11 UTC


We just made another production push including the following features:

  • improved logged-out homepage: if you visit the homepage when you are signed out, you will now see a more dynamic page with community content on it, rather than the static page that was previously there.
  • privates messages: you can now send a private message to another member (there's a button on their profile page for this)
  • sun/shade metadata on plantings: when you plant something, you can now fill in whether you planted it in sun, shade, or semi-shade; this data will shortly be aggregated on the crops page to provide more information who are interested in growing the crop.
  • friendlier date formatting on posts/comments: posts/comments now have more human-readable date formats (rather than the database's ISO format that was previously shown)
  • bugfix: blank planting dates now work again: this got broken when we added the datepicker, but is now fixed; just backspace over the date if you don't know or don't want to list a planting date
  • bugfix: planting sorting on logged-in homepage: they now sort in reverse order of when you created them
  • bugfix: comment ordering on post page: there was some funky misordering of comments on some post pages, which should now be fixed.

Let us know if you find anything that's still broken, or have any further requests/suggestions. And thanks heaps to the volunteer coders who helped us do all this!