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Website update (Release 13)

Cesy is using Growstuff to discuss Website update (Release 13) with a community of food gardeners worldwide. We have advice on growing hundreds of different crops, and a community from all around the world. Sign in or sign up to or to start using Growstuff to track what you're planting and harvesting.
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Website update (Release 13)

We've just made some minor updates to the website. These are mostly behind-the-scenes, enabling our next round of improvements.

  • Fixed broken emails
  • Minor gem upgrades
  • Build process improvements: Check PR author is in under Travis, Check for "forgot to commit Gemfile.lock" in CI, Block external URLs in feature tests
  • Add support for Bootstrap alert types
  • README file update for Freenode IRC

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Posted by Cesy on August 22, 2016 at 10:09

We've now deployed Release 14 with a few more fixes.

Changes in this release: * If a harvest doesn't have any photos, try to look at the crop's default photo * Add links to Gardenate * Add links to eBay for buying seeds * Improve the navigation bar layout on mobile with a clearer search box * Mark as finished from the garden list used to get the wrong plant and won't any more