Posted by navtis in Growstuff Feedback & Support on October 09, 2014 at 21:04


Just started using website and finding various niggles it would be nice to log (I know once you get used to these things you forget they were ever there, but they can put off new users). For example, when entering my first garden I typed in the details, then clicked on 'add location'. This took me to a new page, losing everything I'd just typed in for the garden... Can't see where to put comments like this - github doesn't have issues enabled, and wants a facebook/google etc login (I don't have them), or to create a new login - I tried this but in spite of getting the popup saying a confirmation mail had been sent nothing arrived ( the process worked fine with the main site).

So in lack of anywhere else to write them here's some suggestions:

  • if someone's entering a new garden and clicks on select location do the location as part of the same page, or even as a popup, don't send the user elsewhere

  • add a new function to allow users to enter suggestions ('this site is under development - if you find something that doesn't work how you like it, suggest an improvement here')

  • Share logins between and

  • A personal request: There's no single site for diabetics to look up carbohydrate content of foods. Add that kind of thing to the database, when it's more developed

  • Don't restrict plants just to food. I have comfrey and nettles, not as food, but to soak to make liquid fertiliser for the food plants..

  • Make it easier to add new crops, maybe by linking to a wikipedia page (I've got some [] growing - much quicker just to point to the page than try to explain it)

  • Add a 'preview' function to the posts

That's enough for now ;-) Thanks for the site