Posted by Meg in Growstuff Feedback & Support on 2013-03-31 13:10:07 UTC


The site is looking lovely! It's really exciting to be playing around with it.

I noticed just a couple of very minor issues that might be worth modifying. Apologies if these are already listed in the tracker and I missed them.

First, when I initially set up my account and went to edit my profile, the text boxes for both "email address" and "profile details" were pre-filled with my email address, even though the "profile details" box is actually asking for my location. Perhaps that box should be blank until manually filled in?

Secondly, opening links from Growstuff pages in a new tab seems to be a bit broken when using Firefox. I normally open links in a new browser tab using command-click. This works fine on Growstuff when I use Safari. But when I use Firefox 19.0.2 (on Mac OSX 10.6 or Ubuntu 12.10), command-click doesn't work for links on Growstuff. No new tab is opened, nor does the link load in the current tab instead. I don't have this issue on other websites, so I think it's something specific to Growstuff. I can open a link in a new tab using control-click-select-option-from-little-menu, but that's extra clicking between me and the page I'd like to read.

Thanks for all the awesome work!