Posted by Skud in Growstuff Feedback & Support on 2013-06-06 23:01:00 UTC and edited at 2013-06-06 23:01:48 UTC


Hi everyone,

Last night pozorvlak and I did a code push to the site, which contains the final features we wanted in place before our public launch. These are, most importantly:

  • Crop photos: photos you post on your plantings now show up on the crops page. You can see some examples on the second page of the crops index (and presumably more as people upload more photos).
  • Paid accounts: you can now purchase a paid account, either as an annual subscription or as a "seed account" which gives you paid features forever. This helps support our operational and development expenses, and keeps Growstuff growing, so please consider buying one.


  • Logged in homepage now shows activity from around the site, not just your own activity
  • RSS bugfix: there were problems with the comments feed we pushed the other day, which are now fixed

I'll be posting more shortly, with details about paid accounts etc. Stay tuned!