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radish Raphanus sativus

Radish has been planted 47 times by Growstuff members.


radish is an annual crop (living and reproducing in a single year or less)

Median lifespan

82 days


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What people are saying about radishes

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First strawberry!

I had the first tiny strawberry of the season today! I'm looking forward to many more.

Also, I transplanted a lot of seedlings into the community garden today: 2 cucumbers, 3 green beans, 2 tongue-of-fire beans, an ornamental sweet potato, and an artichoke.

I also scattered some lettuce seed, sowed trenches for radish, carrot, and parsnip seeds, and planted more green beans, tongue-of-fire beans, and several sunflowers.

We'll see what takes.

And I transplanted one of my alpine strawberries into a bigger pot, which means that eventually I'll have a lot of big strawberry pots.

My serviceberry bushes looked a bit yellow today. I'll drop some leaf compost on them, but if anyone knows more about what they need, I'd love to hear it.

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State of the Spring Garden

Finally some seasonably warm weather.

The peas are shooting up rather quickly. The lettuce has sprouted. Beets are up. Turnip are getting their second set of leaves so I will be thinning them out this week. Radish going strong. And I believe I saw the Swiss Chard starting to break the soil. It's all good!

Interesting bit of something in regards to the beet I have 6 squares. All were planted at the same time and all are the same variety -- Detroit Dark Red. The 3 squares that were planted with Burpee seeds were slower to germinate and I have fewer seedlings from each pellet. The other 3 squares that were planted with Botanical Interest seeds came up quicker, stronger, and with more seedlings. So note to self -- next planting of beets stick with Botanical Interest seeds.

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Growing Status

I have been concerned about my pea planting because we had some unseasonably cold weather after I planted them. But I see a few sprouts from the Cascadia and Mammoth Melting snap peas. The Green Arrow shelling peas have no sprouts so I replanted them today.

Turnips have sprouted heavily. Radishes have sprouted heavily. A few beets are starting to peek through the soil.

The weather has gone from too cold to almost too warm. Today is near 70F and Monday/Tuesday look to be even warmer. But that should really kick start the seeds.

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  • How to grow radishes

    Grown for: whole plant (6) root (2)

    Plant from: seed (38), (3), seedling (1)

    Plant in: sun (29), semi-shade (10), (9)

    Scientific names

    • Raphanus sativus

    Alternate names

    None known.

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