Turnip Brassica rapa var. rapa

How to sow turnip: Direct seed outdoors, thin to 10cm when seedlings are 3cm tall

Sun requirement for turnip: Plant in Full Sun

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Turnips are smooth, round root vegetables 5-20 cm in diameter. They are often white below the soil line and bright purple or green above. Turnips usually have white flesh and a slightly sweet and bitter taste, similar to cabbage. The edible foliage tastes similar to mustard greens. Turnips are a cool-weather crop and do best as spring or fall plantings.

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Turnip sprouts

by maco,

Have you ever sprouted [turnip](crop) from seed? These seeds are the same size as [mustard](crop) seeds. I planted them Friday night. I had to take the lid off my tabletop greenhouse today (Monday morning) so they wouldn't hit it! They're 2 inches tall already. And, shockingly, two [tomato](c...

turnips mustard tomatoes
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State of the Spring Garden

by black_hound,

Finally some seasonably warm weather. The peas are shooting up rather quickly. The [lettuce](crop) has sprouted. Beets are up. [Turnip](crop) are getting their second set of leaves so I will be thinning them out this week. [Radish](crop) going strong. And I believe I saw the [Swiss Chard](cro...

lettuces turnips radishes Swiss chard beets
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by maco,

All the seeds I ordered this year have shown up. I've got seeds for 7 kinds of dye plants, though I won't be planting all of those. Some of them get too big for the space I'm allocated. I got Burpee's heirloom seeds for [summer squash](crop), purple-top white globe [turnip](crop)s, chioggia [...

turnips beets tomatoes
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Growing Status

by black_hound,

I have been concerned about my pea planting because we had some unseasonably cold weather after I planted them. But I see a few sprouts from the Cascadia and Mammoth Melting [snap pea](crop)s. The Green Arrow shelling [peas](crop) have no sprouts so I replanted them today. [Turnip](crop)s hav...

snap peas turnips radishes beets
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