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strawberry Fragaria ananassa

Strawberry has been planted 59 times by Growstuff members.


strawberry is a perennial crop (living more than two years)

First harvest expected

92 days after planting


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Alpine Strawberry 13 July 2013
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What people are saying about strawberries

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Lifespan and harvest predictions

Something i've been working on is the predictions on If you go to you gardens page there's now a progress bar for each annual planting. That's plantings that are expected to complete there lifespan in 2 years or less . the progress bar is % until the plant is finished and can be removed.

I also built a "first and last harvest" predictor. It's based on the median time from planting a plant until it is first harvested. It's only as good as the data on Growstuff.

The predictions for crops like coriander and basil look pretty good.

Right now, coriander says: Median lifespan of coriander plants is 156 days. First harvest expected 36 days after planting. The last harvest expected 115 days after planting.

Meanwhile, basil says: Median lifespan of basil plants is 178 days. The first harvest expected 51 days after planting. The last harvest expected 49 days after planting. The last harvest sounds wrong, but we have a lot more data on first harvest than on last harvest. A planting has to be marked as finished before we know that a harvest was the last.

that looks like the basil plants hang on a long time in people's gardens while not being harvested anymore.

The predictions for the perennial plants aren't quite as good, e.g. strawberry which has " Median lifespan of strawberry plants is 15 days "

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First strawberry!

I had the first tiny strawberry of the season today! I'm looking forward to many more.

Also, I transplanted a lot of seedlings into the community garden today: 2 cucumbers, 3 green beans, 2 tongue-of-fire beans, an ornamental sweet potato, and an artichoke.

I also scattered some lettuce seed, sowed trenches for radish, carrot, and parsnip seeds, and planted more green beans, tongue-of-fire beans, and several sunflowers.

We'll see what takes.

And I transplanted one of my alpine strawberries into a bigger pot, which means that eventually I'll have a lot of big strawberry pots.

My serviceberry bushes looked a bit yellow today. I'll drop some leaf compost on them, but if anyone knows more about what they need, I'd love to hear it.

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  • How to grow strawberries

    Grown for: fruit (19)

    Plant from: seedling (17), (7), runner (7), advanced plant (6), root division (3), seed (2), bare root plant (1)

    Plant in: sun (30), semi-shade (24), (5), shade (1)

    Scientific names

    • Fragaria ananassa

    Alternate names

    • garden strawberry

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