Food Forest attempt

We live on a stop bank so have a great deal of wasted space out the front that is on a sharp west facing incline. I've spent the last couple of years building up the soil levels, as originally it was a thin layer of topsoil over a layer of compacted clay. Theoretically, it belongs to the council, but I figured if I have to mow it, I may as well get some food out of it in the process :)

Garden progress

pot marigold
super late
Mar 2013

super late
Nov 2012

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basil black walnut broccoli cabbage cannabis carrot cauliflower cherry tomato chervil Common Fig english walnut feverfew garlic goumi berry hinds's black walnut honeysuckle horseradish kale kohlrabi leek melon rosemary rue sage St. John's wort strawberry thyme tomato walnut zucchini

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About this garden

Owner: Mordae

Location: Paeroa, New Zealand

Area: 50.0 square metres

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