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garlic Allium sativum

Garlic has been planted 58 times by Growstuff members.


garlic is an annual crop (living and reproducing in a single year or less)

Median lifespan

191 days

First harvest expected

186 days after planting

Last harvest expected

224 days after planting


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What people are saying about garlic

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how to eat kamo kamo

Chop up the kamo kamo.

Remove seeds. (Save these to grow for next year)

Leave skin on.

Roast with sprigs of rosemary at 180C for about 40 minutes (until soft) It's okay to do this the day before

Remove skins (easier if the kamo kamo is cool). place in pot with chicken stock and garlic. Puree with a stick blender until smooth. Heat slowly on the stove. Pour over pasta.

For extra points, serve with steamed pūhā

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A long and garden free winter

It's hot this weekend - after a brief first Spring we are skipping second Spring and going straight to Summer. It's beautiful, blue and hot and today, at least, the poison wind seems to have died down. I've spent the morning ripping up all the weeds that appear to have exploded in the last week. I swear it was a bleak barren wintry courtyard last weekend. I've sorted through what has survived my callous indifference: the rugged sorrel, mint, lemon balm, more self-seeded parsley than I would have thought possible under the instant grass and thistle, the garlic and one hydrangea. Good work, little plants.

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Planting outdoors & fruit trees

Today I transplanted the cabbage and onion seedlings outside and planted seeds for: arugula, garlic (well, cloves, not seeds--forced in the fridge), mesclun salad mix, kale, cauliflower, and beets. Some of these (cauliflower, beets, mesclun) will have later succession plantings.


You can just slightly see the cabbage seedlings at the far end of the left bed and the onions in the middle of the edge of the far right bed.

Also, I checked on the fruit trees. The apple trees are starting to wake up! They have little green shoots starting at their bud points.


The cherry are getting ready to blossom. Well, the ornamental already has, but the fruiting cherries haven't yet.


We were really worried that the peach tree might not have survived the winter due to a rabbit gnawing on it, but I did a little scratch test toward the top of the trunk, and it's green in there! (That means it's still alive) Since peach and almond (and plum? not sure) have a warmer range than apples do, I'm not concerned that they're not putting out new shoots yet.

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Getting ready for spring!

I've got seeds either on-hand or ordered for just about everything I'm starting from seed this year. I've been working out what I want to plant, and this is the plan I've come up with for the 72 square feet of my backyard raised beds:

garden plan


Beets are fast enough (only 2 months) that I figure I can safely interplant them with the squashes.

I also picked up some chamomile seeds yesterday. I like chamomile tea, and it'll help attract pollinators. I have what I intend to be a food forest further back in my yard, past the raised beds, and I think it can go in there, around the berry bushes I intend to plant this spring.

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Growing Garlic in Perth

Does anyone have tips for growing garlic in Perth, WA?

I planted several cloves back at the start of April and I'm waiting, waiting, waiting for the leaves to dry up and go brown but it's just not happening! I know we're in spring and having what feels like some nice winter weather at the moment. Could the crop be confused?

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    Grown for: bulb (7) whole plant (1)

    Plant from: bulb (29), (8), seed (5), seedling (2), root division (1)

    Plant in: sun (23), semi-shade (19), (14), shade (1)

    Scientific names

    • Allium sativum

    Alternate names

    None known.

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