Cash Crop Plot

This is an east facing strip of land that was the site of a woodshed. It's been fallow the last couple of months, with rabbit hutches placed on it to add a bit of manure.

I've used old hay bales to section off the garden into three bays, that way once the cash crop is in, I can spread some clear plastic across the top and stake it to create a mini "greenhouse" effect on the seedlings.

The cash crop is going to be "Abe Lincoln" tomatoes, with basil as a companion plant for it. What I'm aiming for is to harvest at least 10kg of fruit per plant (should work out to about 42 tomatoes each), with a brix reading of 15+

The tomato seeds went into the greenhouse yesterday, they are placed in peat pots filled with a dirt/compost mix and watered with rain water and water we have saved from boiling eggs (so high in calcium bicarbonate)

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Owner: Mordae

Location: Paeroa, New Zealand

Area: 18.0 square metres

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