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broccoli Brassica oleracea

Broccoli has been planted 59 times by Growstuff members.


broccoli is an annual crop (living and reproducing in a single year or less)

Median lifespan

118 days

First harvest expected

103 days after planting

Last harvest expected

133 days after planting


broccoli plantings

Fractal Broccoli 04 June 2013

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What people are saying about broccoli

Summer broccoli doesn't work

I planted some broccoli at the start of spring.. I grew fast, made long stems and quickly turned into yellow flowers. I conclude the first spring summer months aren't good for brocoli.

So I've got some new seedlings in now, in the heat of summer, hoping that by the time i put them in the garden the weather will turn more autumn.

Some of features id like

I like to automate the calculations, analysis, and plain old remembering what has happened in the garden.

Some of the challenges in my garden is knowing when it's too late to planting something, if it will cope with the weather conditions here, and working out what is killing the tomato. The broccoli went into the on seed, I think because it was planted too early.

I suspect I've got consistently great yields of potato and carrot, but I'd need to more diligently record that to find out.

Remembering what I planted where, to properly crop rotate, would be useful.

I've mostly been a summer gardener, so knowing what to plant for successful winter gardening would be great.

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  • How to grow broccoli

    Grown for: flower (11) other (4) stem (1)

    Plant from: seedling (31), (11), seed (11), root division (2), advanced plant (1)

    Plant in: sun (32), (15), semi-shade (9), shade (3)

    Scientific names

    • Brassica oleracea
    • Brassica oleracea Italica group

    Alternate names

    None known.

    Broccoli varieties

    broccoli is a variety of Brassica oleracea.

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