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by melannen,


I'm way too excited about this for somebody my age.

There are a lot of beets coming up. In fact, way more sprouts than seeds I planted?? Do "beet seeds" actually each have more than one seed in them? Am I going to have to figure out how to thin them earlier …

beet beets beans
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by maco,

All the seeds I ordered this year have shown up. I've got seeds for 7 kinds of dye plants, though I won't be planting all of those. Some of them get too big for the space I'm allocated.

I got Burpee's heirloom seeds for summer squash, purple-top white globe turnips, chioggia …

turnip turnips tomatoes beet beets
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by Skud,

I was meant to be working on paperwork type stuff today, but instead I went outside and did violence to a couple of ugly shrubs and dealt with the huge sprawling mess of our alleged "compost" pile.


![Messy shrubs and a big spreading heap of garden refuse](http://farm9.staticflickr.c…

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My Garden to date...

by gotica,

I currently use my wordpress blog to record what is happening with my garden, including progress pictures.

For a back dated view, visit my blog.

The whole blog includes food posts too.

I currently work/grow out of pots and I'm…

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Best place to buy seeds?

by fireandhemlock,

Where do you buy your seeds?

I live in Melbourne and I'm wondering where the best places to find heirloom seeds are? Farmer's market? Local nursery?

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Growing Status

by black_hound,

I have been concerned about my pea planting because we had some unseasonably cold weather after I planted them. But I see a few sprouts from the Cascadia and Mammoth Melting snap peas. The Green Arrow shelling peas have no sprouts so I replanted them today.


radish radishes beet beets turnip turnips snap pea snap peas
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Trying Again

by melannen,

I am a terrible gardener but every year around this time I get a bee in my bonnet anyway, so I have tried again! (I am also the world's laziest gardener, which doesn't help.)

We've had late frosts (and snows!) this year, so since today finally felt like spring, I put in some dollar-store seeds…

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by inkstone,

Warm weather has arrived! Our spring has been unseasonably cool here, which was a marked change from last year when it was unseasonably warm! I looked at my gardening log from last year and I had happy tomato seedlings I'd wintersown in milkjugs already separated out and transplanted into red sol…

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by oakandsage,

Yay, seeds arrived. Gonna go on a planting binge tomorrow. Especially since tomorrow is tomato day!

Got: Golden purslane Watercress Yard long bean Blackeye pea Charentais melon [Cantaloupe](/crops/cantal…

purslane cantaloupe cantaloupes melon melons peas beans watercress watercress cauliflower cauliflowers tomatoes
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I suppose I should write something here

by Phazel,

I just want to say hi to everyone who is checking out the site. Thanks for joining and helping to make Growstuff happen!

Once the weather is right here in Melbourne and everything is a bit more settled, I have plans to start using the site for gardening myself. As a mostly indoorsy sunlight-av…

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Recent rains

by sesmith,

The garden (not just the edible portion but the lot of it) has really been exploding recently thanks to the rain and my seedlings are starting to look like identifiable seedlings instead of teeny tiny leaves. Took some photos today and they're up on Flickr. We're got the [golden beets](http://www…

bok choy bok choy
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New features: logged out homepage, private messages, sun/shade data, and some smaller fixes

by Skud,

We just made another production push including the following features:

  • improved logged-out homepage: if you visit the homepage when you are signed out, you will now see a more dynamic page with community content on it, rather than the static page that was previously there.
  • **privates …
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