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Coming together

by shawnacscott,

This weekend I had two full days to really focus on the yard, and I made the most of it. With the intermittent help of several others over the course of the weekend, I got both easement planter boxes filled with compost and soil, cleaned up and weeded the alley, got the stump pulled from the coni...

lavender fenugreek tomatoes beets onions dill sunflowers mustard arugula lettuces bell peppers spinach okra artichokes pot marigolds mint peas zucchini parsley thyme basils
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Some Quick Suggestions

by evermorian,

Glad to see this up and running. Some quick suggestions from my initial pass at adding crops: After I add a crop, there should be a button to add another on the confirmation page. I rarely plant one thing. When I type in the full name of a crop (e.g., "cinnamon basil") I get an error about...

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Seeds started!

by maco,

Today I started seeds for the [backyard beds]( [![Seed starting](]( "Seed starting by Mackenzie, on Flickr") The [onion](crop)s ar...

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New plantings

by Bryant_RedHawk,

Planted two Pear, three Pecan and three Mulberry trees. Also got the Tomatoes into their straw bale bed.

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Establishing my garden

by tegan,

I moved in to my new house in July and we've been planning on growing food but wanted to get the inside of the house in order first. Where we are now: The front and back yards are almost completely grass. The front yard has one area with nice dirt, landscape fabric underneath, that's growing ...

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by bloominguru,

I just purchased an artichoke plant in the nursery and from my research it looks like its a cool weather crop. Should I even try to plant it in central texas?

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by bloominguru,

Does anyone use a gardening app they like? And what do you like about it? thanks

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Almost ready to start seeds

by maco,

Today I went down to my local garden center, having measured the little closet that houses my sump pump, to get seed-starting supplies. I got two "Jump Start" T5 lighting rigs. I also picked up a Jump Start heat mat for seedlings to add to the one I already had. Add some trays and one new plastic...

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First garden in years!

by 14thAveGarden,

Yay! I just recently moved to a new place where the landlord doesn't care what we do and so theres two plots 240sqft and 380sqft (620sqft total!) My coworker is going to help me with everything and we will share everything. So far we dug up the lawn, tilled it, layered some chicken poopy straw...

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Getting ready for spring!

by maco,

I've got seeds either on-hand or ordered for just about everything I'm starting from seed this year. I've been working out what I want to plant, and this is the plan I've come up with for the 72 square feet of my backyard raised beds: ![garden plan](

parsley oregano onions lettuces kale garlic eggplants cucumbers cauliflowers cabbages beets basils arugula chamomiles super sweet 100 tomatoes tomatoes sweet potatoes butternut squash yellow summer squash zucchini bell peppers Hungarian wax peppers
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Aloe vera

by Cesy,

[aloe vera](crop) is rapidly becoming my favourite unkillable plant, taking over from spider-plants because not only does it seed everywhere, survive me forgetting to water it for weeks, survive me over-watering in guilt when I remember, and not appear to care whether it has sun, shade, accidenta...

aloe vera
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Compost and raised beds

by juliet,

Dug out half the compost heap again -- the fruit trees (apple, fig, cherry) and grape vines all need a good feed. When I made the first four raised beds (3 years ago), I mis-measured a bit, and while one of them fits neatly into the available gap between the paving slabs, the other three do n...

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