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My garden survived the Hail Storm!

by black_hound,

We had a wicked hail storm here this past Thursday. I've lived in this area for about 25 years and never saw anything like this.

Hail in the herb garden

Pouring hail

I had recently pla…

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My interests

by Jack,

Chickpeas, Lentils, All vegetables, Apricot, Grapefruit, Peach, Cantelope, Oats.

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Eep! Need advice - seeds got rained on

by vv_msp,

Hi there,

I was forgetful and left a bunch of bulbs and a few seeds outside through a major rainstorm we just had. They are all soaked! They were not ready to be planted as the direct sow was in June for our hardiness area - is there anything that can be done?



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by maco,

I started a compost pile almost a year ago when I got the house. The county gives out these plastic rings to compost inside of (county green initiatives to save the bay include getting people to compost and use that instead of inorganic fertilizer). I got two because with the size of my yard, the…

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rename account?

by melannen,

Hi! I just put in my garden for this year and I'm ready to enter it in Growstuff, but I've realized that I'd like to link my Growstuff account to my worksafe ID rather than my, uh, non-worksafe internet handle. Is there a way to rename my account, or should I just get a new account and start clea…

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by SporkyRat,

I have tiny little tomatoes growing right now! They're the size of my pinky nail, but they're growing! I will soon have purple tomatoes to eat!

I have a lemon about the size of my thumbnail growing as well and lots of flowers. If I'm lucky, I'll have lots of lemons this summer.

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Finally planting things!

by maco,

When I bought the house last year, the date I took ownership was pushed back about a month due to paperwork red tape. Consequently, everything died waiting for transplant from little seedling cups to big dirt.

Over the winter, my back yard was driven over by a large truck when the old shed was…

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wasabi & horseradish in containers

by wrdnrd,

I've been growing horseradish in a container for about 7 or 8 years now (it especially loves being in the self-watering container). I've been growing wasabi in a (non-self-watering) container for 2 years. Both do just fine – surviving thru' the winter, putting out a fantastic amount of leaves …

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by vmbrasseur,

There are sprouts! The mustard spinach is starting to appear in The Nursery. The red kale, wild arugula, and marjoram are still pending, but I'm very pleased to have some sort of seedling action going on.

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Killer apps

by oakandsage,

Tomatoes are "the thing" in my summer garden - they're what I plan everything else around, they're what gets me motivated to plant. Sure, I also grow and enjoy squash, eggplant, and other stuff, but tomatoes are my killer app, the thing that keeps me gardening when I'm blah and unmotivated and in…

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Garden-level photos

by vmbrasseur,

Currently it appears I can only add planting-level photos. My garden is so small one photo covers the entire thing, so I'd be posting the same photo for each planting.

Would it be possible to get photos at the garden level?

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New Feature/UX: Add "Plant something" to planting summary page

by vmbrasseur,

I've just planted my (tiny, maybe ill-fated, but still mine) container garden on my balcony.

So I click "Plant" on the home page, fill in the resulting form, and am presented with a nice summary of the crop I just planted.

The problem is that I have 6 different crops to log/plant. It's not…

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