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by oakandsage,

Banana s have taken off. Both doing well. They only have about a month before the weather starts getting a bit cold, nights are already getting down to 50F some nights. Will have to think about frost protection soon.

Grapes that survived are doing well. The on…

parsnip parsnips bananas Common Figs cherries squash squash
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by oakandsage,

Arkansas Traveler is fruiting heavily now. The flavor is excellent. Got about 8 lbs of fruit this weekend, gave most of them to my landlady and her other boarder who lives in the big house with her. Unfortunately his dog got into them and ate them (yes, all of them. No, they did not stay down). T…

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Biodynamic tree paste

by MerriCreekMud,

Our lemon tree is well invested with Gall Wasp so is going to need a very hard prune to get rid of it all.

I recently heard that Biodynamic Paste (aka Tree Paste) is excellent to paste only heavily pruned trees to promote wound healing.

I believe it is made of poo from a lactating cow, clay…

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Harvests and fruit trees

by oakandsage,

I got nearly 10 lbs of fruit from my San Marzano tomato last week, and the first three Arkansas Traveler fruit came ripe this weekend. Beefmaster is still thinking about it; I fear I'll receive a late glut of Beefmaster all at once. The yard long beans are doing great and I just picked my third b…

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New website features (Release 8)

by Cesy,

We've just pushed a load of new features and bugfixes to the site, thanks to @pozorvlak for kicking it off and @maco for supporting, as well as all our coders and testers.

New Features

  • New crop request form! This makes the approva…
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Change of plans..

by nodosa,

Hi there,

so like many gardeners in the northern half of France, I've been falling from grace these past few weeks due to the slug epidemic. I kid you not. There is not enough ferramol, beer traps, sawdust filled trenches or mulch sheeting to keep them off of my crops. Since the end of the mo…

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Sunflowers & Lavendar together?

by Vj,

Hello, I am new here so haven't seen many posts yet. I want to plant Sunflowers in large pots along with my Lavender plants. Has anyone done this successfully? Vj

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Stinging Nettles

by PeggyElaine,

Getting ready to plant some starts in a spot. Want to get a patch going as a medicine.Also, has anyone ever eaten horseradish leaf?

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Arugula or Rocket

by Urban_Food_Garden,

I only just realised that Rocket is probably not on the list because someone has posted Arugula, (I recently posted a request for Rocket to be added to the list).

Having both Rocket and Arugula on the list even though they are the same vegetable could possibly be confusing, however I think…

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new vegetable - broad bean

by Urban_Food_Garden,

Request for broad bean to be put on the list of vegetables

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New vegetable

by Urban_Food_Garden,

Can you add Rocket to the list please, surprised it's not there already, very common greens crop.

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seed starting

by wrdnrd,

3/22 – Started peppers:
- fish
- big Jim
- hinkelhotz
& basil (genovese)

3/25 – direct-sowed outside:
- peas
- lettuce
- lettuce

3/29 – Started tomatoes:
- hahms gelbe
- ditmarsher
- whippersnapper
- goldilox
- rose quartz multiflora …

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