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pūhā Sonchus kirkii

Pūhā has been planted 2 times by Growstuff members.


pūhā is an annual crop (living and reproducing in a single year or less)

Median lifespan

51 days

First harvest expected

51 days after planting

Last harvest expected

30 days after planting


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puha for dinner

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What people are saying about pūhā

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how to eat kamo kamo

Chop up the kamo kamo.

Remove seeds. (Save these to grow for next year)

Leave skin on.

Roast with sprigs of rosemary at 180C for about 40 minutes (until soft) It's okay to do this the day before

Remove skins (easier if the kamo kamo is cool). place in pot with chicken stock and garlic. Puree with a stick blender until smooth. Heat slowly on the stove. Pour over pasta.

For extra points, serve with steamed pūhā

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Pūhā for dinner

Pūhā grows wild everywhere in New Zealand. It's a bit like spinach, but is bitter when raw. It's traditional in a bunch of dishes, but I like to use as a substitute for steamed spinach with eggs benedict.

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    Scientific names

    • Sonchus kirkii

    Alternate names

    • Puha

    pūhā is a variety of dandelion.
    Taraxacum officinale

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