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I finally got frustrated enough to establish one of the raised beds the other week, using a combination of enriched coir and compost.

I've sown Purple Haze carrots, brussels sprouts, purple broccoli, peas, turnips, english spinach and have transplanted two zucchini plants and two strawberry plants into the bed. The zucchini and strawberries are looking well pleased with themselves as I managed to transplant late on a cool day which was followed by gentle rains through the evening and the next day.

Perth weather has been lovely and crisp this last week. Lots of gentle rains meaning I haven't had to water, I've not been overheating and the littlest ninja has been having a better time of it all.

Now, I couldn't find much info on using coir for vegetable gardening. A lot of sites talk about using it as potting mix and in a way a raised bed is just a big pot :P So this will be partial experiment of sorts. While the coir is fibrous, it has a very nice light and loose texture which should be perfect for things like carrots and the more gentle seedlings to sprout but it can also be compacted into ridiculously small sizes. One block, not even a foot square expanded to 60 litres of 'soil'.

Can you call it soil?

I'm also chuffed that my parents were surprised at the size of my oregano plant/leaves. It is doing mighty fine ;)

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This pot is at least 30cm across: Oregano and Italian Parsley

The raised bed before sowing and transplanting: Raised Bed with Square Foot Template