Posted by shiny on 2020-03-30 22:00:15 UTC and edited at 2020-03-30 22:04:44 UTC


Due to the pandemic lockdown, I can't go to the hardware store to get things. I've been in semi-isolation since the start of march, and we've been in nationwide lockdown since last week.

I needed to set up the nets to keep out the white butterfly. I've had to be creative and i've had to recycle parts that are really about to fall apart. I've got the hoops from the strawberries, and re-deployed them on the cabbage and broccoli. I'll need to stitch up old nets from the back of the shed (thank goodness i never throw anything out) and rig up some wooden frames from some old wood to cover the rest.

I don't have any polytunnels, but have some poly i can maybe rig. It'll need to be windproof. That will help the zucchini and maybe i'll be able to plant some plants that need frost protection. We can't be far from winter now.