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Wanted: Tangerine Tree or Cutting in Perth WA

by gotica,


I'm on the hunt for a tangerine tree or cutting should someone have an established tree. I've tried a few local nurseries and even Bunnings with no luck.

Places seem to think offering me some other type of citrus and an acceptable alternative however it has to be the Citrus tangerina…

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Forgive me Garden, for I have sinned...

by gotica,

Well not technically sinned, but yanno it's been awhile since I've updated…

My zucchini succummed to mildew and well, just did not make it through. I ended up pulling them and have planted Kale in their place. The strawberries may be also slightly affected by mildew as they are going grey be…

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Overgrown rhubarb

by maco,

There's a plant next to my driveway that a friend says is rhubarb. He says it's normal that if you let it overgrow, the stalks go brown instead of bright red. It's about as tall as me at this point. Can I still cook the stalks, even though they're far past ripe? Do I just cut ba…

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Potatoes?! and tomatoes, beans, chard, melons

by oakandsage,

I shall label the seasons in my garden thusly:

Dec-Feb: The Season of Excessive Procrastination

Mar-May: The Season of Inarticulate Panic

Jun-August: The Season of Smugness

Sept-Nov: The Season of Isn't It Dead Yet I Need Room To Plant The Garlic

My potatoes are doing well, and o…

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by maco,

So, um, watering's important. Yep. Very important.

Well, what with moving into the house and all THAT entails…my plants are looking the worse for wear. They haven't gotten enough water. The oregano is dead. The basil and chives are just hanging on. The tomatoes have sort of purple leaves. Se…

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Draft roadmap

by Skud,

Based on the results of the survey I posted about a week or so back, I've been working on a roadmap for our development work for the rest of 2013. If you have an interest in what features we develop for this site, check out the [draft roadmap document](…

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An example of "other" plantings

by Skud,

Just a note of something edible I planted, that won't ever be in our crops database, and would be a prime candidate for the "other" option we've talked about implementing: I just planted a big wide container with Diggers Club "Microgreen Winter Mix" which contains red russian kale,…

tatsoi kale kale endive endives
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mid-summer seed starting

by wrdnrd,

Threw a few seeds into dirt today:
- pea (Tom thumb)
- pepper (fish)
- oregano (Italian)
- basil (genovese)
- spinach (strawberry)
- lettuce (tennis ball)

Many of those are short season, so i figured why not, since i finally have a free bucket[*] i can use for vegetable…

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New features: homepage improvements, add older photos, "planted from", and more

by Skud,

Jcaudle and I just pushed a bunch of new features to the site, including:

  • Improved homepage member display so the same people don't always show up (I got sick of seeing my own face there all the time!)
  • You can now add older photos from Flickr, n…
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Please take our roadmap survey!

by Skud,

We're currently planning what we're going to work on next for Growstuff. We built the basics of the website, but there's so much more to do. If you've got a few minutes to spare, I'd really appreciate it if you'd take the time to answer this survey. It …

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urban gardens in Kerala

by brainwane,

Check out this article in Caravan: it seems that the state of Kerala has a "vegetable initiative for urban clusters". Kerala's State Horticulture Mission might be a good partner in localising Growstuff to Malayalam. :-)

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Miracle of winter

by malissa,

Last year my potted hyacinths were a bit sad and not at all the lovely blue they should have been. No flowers at all! So I separated the bulbs and dug them in under the tree. Today two little shoots are peeking up out of the dirt. Hopefully all four have survived and there'll be some pretty flowe…

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