Posted by neotoma on July 25, 2013 at 00:12


It's not quite August yet, but I have beans (string and borlotto), cherry tomatoes, and black Italian eggplants ready to be picked.

My popcorn maize is starting to develop ears. I've never grown corn before, so this is exciting.

My bigger tomato plants are taller than I am, as as the tomatillos, and starting to ripen. I think I will try making sauce and canning it come August.

I have suspicions that one of the plants I thought was a cucumber from seed is actually a summer squash, since I tried planting some seeds early and they never came up -- I replanted those pots with cucumbers, and now I have something that has fruits that look like tiny, pale green, crookneck squash, not cucumbers. It's twined around my red sunflower, which has finally bloomed.