Posted by wrdnrd on July 14, 2013 at 03:20 and edited at July 14, 2013 at 07:17


Threw a few seeds into dirt today:
- pea (Tom thumb)
- pepper (fish)
- oregano (Italian)
- basil (genovese)
- spinach (strawberry)
- lettuce (tennis ball)

Many of those are short season, so i figured why not, since i finally have a free bucket[*] i can use for vegetable experiments. And the pepper and oregano are things i'll over-winter one way or the other.

Question: I cannot find a crop listing for peppers anywhere. I've looked under "pepper"; i've looked under "chili"; i checked the forums to see if it was mentioned anywhere and Skud said (a few month ago) that they should be under "pepper" but all i see is "pecan" and "peppermint". Omg, feel like i'm just losing it. Suggestions?? Update: I just used the "cayenne pepper" planting and made it clear in the comments section that it's a fish pepper.

[*] I grow half of my plants in self-watering buckets i made out of feta buckets i alley-picked from behind the Greek restaurant in the next block.