Posted by gotica on July 23, 2013 at 16:48


Well not technically sinned, but yanno it's been awhile since I've updated...

My zucchini succummed to mildew and well, just did not make it through. I ended up pulling them and have planted Kale in their place. The strawberries may be also slightly affected by mildew as they are going grey before they even ripen. I keep pulling those off and raising the new ones off the soil level. It seems to be working for now.

Since planting (and pulling) the zucchini I've planted garlic chives and the kale. The layout of the beds is being reworked as about a foot to two feet of the beds won't get enough sun and the plants in those situations have been noticeably struggling. Not outright dying but not growing at the recommended rates.

Or maybe it's the coir mix. They get liberal doses of seasol and powerfeed and look healthily delicious, but don't seem to grow of a decent size. Something to think on for the next beds. However the turnips and the peas seem to love it. The carrots are of a mixed opinion and the broccoli and brussels sprouts are plodding along.

Got some good rain happening tonight, it's nice.