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ginger Zingiber officinale

Ginger has been planted 8 times by Growstuff members.


ginger is a perennial crop (living more than two years)

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grains of paradise
Aframomum melegueta

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Swap/trade (Australia): want large planting containers, will swap for seedlings/seeds/preserves/baked goods/ginger beer

I'm in Thornbury, in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

Our landlords won't let us replace the lawn with a veg garden, so we can only plant in containers. I'm on my usual spring quest for largish containers, 30cm diameter and above. We especially love the old-style rectangular recycling tubs that the cities of Darebin and Moreland used to use before they got wheelie bins -- a great size, and they already have drainage holes in them.

Do you have any of these sorts of tubs/containers available to swap?

We will swap for:

  • seedlings (tomato, pepper/chilis of various kinds, greens, cucumber, eggplant, various herbs, ummmm other stuff I'm sure)
  • seeds (lots! some are listed but I have more that aren't listed there, too)
  • preserves (chutney, tomato sauce, plum sauce, kasundi, indian-style pickles, pear and quince jam, quince paste, I forget what else)
  • baked goods (especially fresh-baked bread or ANZAC bikkies)
  • sourdough starter
  • homemade ginger beer or ginger beer plant (seasonal, hasn't quite started yet, but will in a few weeks I think)

Oh and on the ginger beer topic, we'll also take any plastic soft drink bottles you have, especially 1.25L or 2L ones.

Drop me a note here or tweet at @Skud or email


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  • How to grow ginger

    Grown for: tuber (1)

    Plant from: root/tuber (4), root division (2), (2)

    Plant in: sun (3), shade (2), (2), semi-shade (1)

    Scientific names

    • Zingiber officinale

    Alternate names

    None known.

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