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Pears are fruiting trees or shrubs in the Pyrus genus, in the family Rosaceae. There are approximately 3000 varieties worldwide, and they are commonly divided into two major groups: European and Asian. European Pears are wider at the bottom and taper at the top. Asian Pears are shaped more like apples, and have a different texture and flavor. Most pear species are deciduous, but some in southeast Asia are evergreen. Pears are generally cold-hardy, surviving winter temperatures between -25 to -40°C. In the spring, they produce white (and sometimes, yellow or pink) flowers with 5 petals. Like apples, pears are propagated by grafting the selected variety onto a rootstock. More growing information is available in individual pear species entries.

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pear tree fullt of fruit
pear tree fullt of fruit
by shiny
by shiny
Ollie and the pear tree
Ollie and the pear tree
by shiny
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Dinner from the garden

by shiny,

Chicken simmered in broth and white wine,with lemon, crispy sage leaves, polenta chips with parmesan, and a salad of arugula , pear and candied walnuts.

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Swap/trade (Australia): want large planting containers, will swap for seedlings/seeds/preserves/baked goods/ginger beer

by Skud,

I'm in Thornbury, in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

Our landlords won't let us replace the lawn with a veg garden, so we can only plant in containers. I'm on my usual spring quest for largish containers, 30cm diameter and above. We especially love the old-style rectangul…

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Pyrus spp.

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