Banana Musa spp.

How to sow banana: Rhizome or sucker

Sun requirement for banana: Plant in Full Sun

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The banana is a tropical perennial herb that produces edible fruits. There are many different species of banana within the Musa genus. Banana trees can be grown outdoors in tropic and subtropical climates, and indoors in northern areas. Bananas like company: plant them in blocks or clumps so they can shelter one another from wind and build humidity. The best bananas will grow towards the middle of the clump. Hot, dry air and temperatures below 0ºC will seriously harm or kill a banana tree.

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by oakandsage,

[Banana](crop) s have taken off. Both doing well. They only have about a month before the weather starts getting a bit cold, nights are already getting down to 50F some nights. Will have to think about frost protection soon. [Grape](crop)s that survived are doing well. The one I had to cut bac...

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