Posted by oakandsage on 2015-09-08 20:07:56 UTC


Arkansas Traveler is fruiting heavily now. The flavor is excellent. Got about 8 lbs of fruit this weekend, gave most of them to my landlady and her other boarder who lives in the big house with her. Unfortunately his dog got into them and ate them (yes, all of them. No, they did not stay down). That was the main crop from the plant, too, alas. I expect to get another 5 lbs over the course of the next month or so, though. It's worth noting that Arkansas Traveler kinda comes ripe all at once. Or at least this one did.

Many fruits on the beefsteak tomato are bright red now but the stems aren't loose. I picked a couple and they weren't that sweet. I don't know if they'll get sweeter or if this is just fundamentally a boring commercial style tomato. I'm not all that impressed.

Of this year's tomatoes I'd grow San M and Arkansas Traveler again, but I don't think I'd grow San M if I didn't plan to do a lot of cooking and maybe some canning. This summer I haven't had a lot of energy for cooking (been doing other things with my time and energy, useful things, but not cooking).