Posted by shiny on 2020-02-04 20:54:28 UTC and edited at 2020-02-14 19:14:24 UTC


Potatoes and taewa

Potatoes and taewa

This year i grew ELEVEN types of potato over summer..

Waiporoporo Taewa Potato that were ready early

Agria potato a huge first harvest of Agria and another second one that'll be ready in March

Purple Heart Potato planted late and grown in a canvas bag

Huakaroro Taewa Potato which i tried to share a garden bed with cucumber the planting smothered all others

some Te Māori Taewa Potato that grew fantastically from seed potatoes i bought on Trademe. I asked the seller how they came by these potatoes as i couldn't find much info on it. They're originally from Koanga Gardens. If i search for "Te Maori koanga" i find a lot more useful results.

and i grew the Scots Potato again. It's a lovely pink heirloom that seems to be only in NZ - no idea if it's still in Scotland or what they call it there.

there's some Moemoe Taewa Potato which is still growing

and Pink Fir Apple Heirloom Potato which grew into weird and wonderful shapes that are impossible to peel.

Robyn Adair potato, which are bright red

Also Whataroa Taewa Potato which are still my favourite.

The Stewart Island potato went well again - still with a very small crop, which i'll save all for seed.

and finally, some Urenika Taewa Potato possibly for the last time as we don't really enjoy eating these.