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blueberry Vaccinium sect. Cyanococcus

Blueberry has been planted 25 times by Growstuff members.


blueberry is a perennial crop (living more than two years)

First harvest expected

479 days after planting


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Alaska blueberry
Vaccinium ovalifolium
common blueberry
Vaccinium myrtilloides
Elliott's blueberry
Vaccinium elliottii
evergreen blueberry
Vaccinium darrowii
hairy blueberry
Vaccinium hirsutum
hillside blueberry
Vaccinium pallidum
lowbush blueberry
Vaccinium angustifolium
New Jersey blueberry
Vaccinium caesariense
Northern blueberry
Vaccinium boreale
northern highbush blueberry
Vaccinium corymbosum
rabbiteye blueberry
Vaccinium virgatum
shiny blueberry
Vaccinium myrsinites
small black blueberry
Vaccinium tenellum

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What people are saying about blueberries

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No subject

My raspberry are flowering!

Anyone whose english pea plants yield spherical peas must be a saint. I only get spherical peas if I miss a pod. In the evening I sit out in the garden and eat peas until there is nothing worth eating left on the plant. Then I am done until tomorrow. I will happily do this all pea season.

Strawberry is producing hordes of tiny berries that are being eaten before they get ripe. Also being chewed on: asparagus, chard, kale, melon seedlings, rhubarb, carrots, dill, basil. The squash also mysteriously vanished. I rather suspect earwigs. It is 100 out and we are having a bumper crop of bugs. I found an earwig and a ground beetle in my fridge the other day.

My new cherry tree is getting rather scalded. I need to shade it. If it is not already too late. The nectarine and apple are happy though.

The pomegranate and the blueberry are still not leafed out. I don't think they ever will.

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Garden trouble!

Something's skeletonizing my carrots and dill. It did a number on the sweet basil I planted, and is taking out the kale plants one by one. I haven't caught it in the act yet, though I've seen a couple big fat grasshoppers around; they're pretty likely culprits.

My blueberry (southern highbush) hasn't leafed out. Nearly all the other perennials have, with the sole exception of the pomegranate. I suspect the blueberry has either too little organic matter or too high soil pH. perhaps I ought to try a container next time.

Speaking of containers I got a huge one at the garden center last weekend. I have to get some soil to put in it, and it's going to house my sweet potato crop this year, for ease of harvesting.

I found some tiny red things in the soil of last year's sweet potato patch. No idea where they came from, or if they're sweet potatoes or potato potatoes. They sure are cute though! First round of slips is in the ground, second round is sitting in my vermicompost bin, which is where the first round came from (first round was an accident!)

Beans are ... still alive. Certainly not time to get excited.

Cauliflower didn't do so well. It kind of fizzled.

There should be peas soon. At least, the plants are blooming. I really expected to be getting peas before now. Next year I'll plant earlier.

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    Grown for: fruit (9)

    Plant from: advanced plant (11), bare root plant (4), seedling (4), (2)

    Plant in: semi-shade (14), sun (11)

    Scientific names

    • Vaccinium sect. Cyanococcus

    Alternate names

    None known.

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