Banana Musa spp.

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Aug 2015


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Two bananas in the greywater system. Morning sun, shade in the afternoon. Raja Puri gets sun a little longer but Blue Java will get full sun to its top leaves once it reaches its full height.

'Raja Puri' and 'Blue Java.' Rajapuri was a bareroot pup, I think it was a water pup. Blue Java was a potted plant about 5' tall.

Blue Java is having a bit of trouble, the leaves don't come out all the way before opening and it isn't gaining any height. Rajapuri is doing well though and has already put out 3 leaves.

We will see if I can keep the stalks alive through the winter. We can get occasional freezes but I hope that the water heater, side of the house and the greywater system will help to keep them warm.

UPDATE: Both Rajapuri and Blue Java survived the winter. They lost all their leaves but the stalks survived! Blue Java is now leafing out from its original stalk. This is important because if I ever want to harvest bananas I must be able to keep individual stalks alive over the winter.


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