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February harvest!

by melannen,

All of you Australians are making me jealous again, so I decided that if life gives you a Minnesota winter, you make maple syrup, and tapped the big sugar maple out front. I put one tap in last Friday afternoon - right after what will hopefully be our last big snow - and have gotten about eigh...

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Hope Springs Eternal

by shadawyn,

Right around New Year's Day I start itching to plant things. It's a little ridiculous, because even in our mild Seattle winters, cool weather crops go out--earliest--in February, but more realistically in March-April (or at least, that was my experience from last year). We bought a house at t...

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The hunt for a Tangerine!

by gotica,

A little while back, I posted about my hunt for a [tangerine](crop) tree and how fruitless my efforts had been. One supplier put me onto the local wholesaler who, while seeming a bit gruff and abrupt, told me to contact them around November last year. I didn't get around to it until now, howev...

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Natural pest control

by Dragonfly,

As a newbie to veggie gardening, what natural methods work best for controlling aphids, worms, etc. on the veggie plants? I have read articles about mixing water, cayenne pepper and a little liquid soap into a sprayer. Has anyone tried this with any success? I may give it a shot today as w...

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Growing turmeric in North Texas

by Cbaird,

Would love advice on all aspects of growing and harvesting turmeric in North Texas climate!

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good intentions

by spring_rain,

I have a problem. I technically like gardening. I really like the *idea* of gardening. What I like above all is buying interesting seeds and letting them languish in a cupboard. Where I fall down is sustaining the willpower to go out every week come wind or rain and maintain the garden. I find...

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by rainhall,

I can never find good [watercress](crop), so I thought that I would grow my own. HELP! :-) I'm really not very good with plants, but don't tell the bosses at the indoor landscaping and the garden nursery where I used to work. It's winter here in Maryland, 8 inches of snow last night, so I ...

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The Seed Catalogs are arriving

by black_hound,

Immediately after winter solstice the seed catalogs start arriving. First one is Jung's. Can't wait for the rest to show up. In addition to the obvious OMG SEEDS GARDENING YAY, some of these catalogs have wicked good illustrative artwork. I know for dead sure that I am planting a whole bunch o...

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Reticulation for Raised Beds

by gotica,

I'm trying to figure out the best way to set up reticulation for my raised beds. The area is about 3m wide by 7m long with four beds; one about 50cm wide and 7m long, the others about 1.2m wide and 1.8m long. I'm looking at using poly pipe, but not sure whether to have upright sprinklers that ...

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New house, new garden

by Skud,

So, I am in my new house in [Ballarat](,%20Victoria,%20Australia) (zoom in!), a reasonable sized city of 88,000ish people an hour or so west of Melbourne. The move was gruelling, not least because of the garden, but it's all done now and the keys to the old pl...

pomegranates apples loquats Common Figs lemons grasses nasturtia
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Hardly summer

by malissa,

It's amazing how much less squeamish you get about squashing little green caterpillars with your fingers the more of your precious leaves they eat. I pulled some of the leaves off the brussels sprouts branch today so the little sprouts can grow. Come along, little sprouts. Something, I su...

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by fe2h2o,

Well, placing the markers out suggested the plan I had made for the Orchard should work (and leave room for the chook tractor to move through!) We've gone ahead and planted those—and an extra fig (because it crossed our paths, and seriously, who could resist a fruit tree called 'Italian Honey'!),...

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