Posted by wrdnrd on 2014-04-05 01:41:42 UTC and edited at 2014-04-13 19:23:23 UTC


On 3/16 (sun.) i tried starting some hot pepper seeds:
- Big Jim @ 5
- fish pepper @ 2

This past weekend i saw that 1 of the big Jim had sprouted! Amazing, since this is a pepper the spouse bought dehydrated at the farmers market, so to have one of them sprout is amazing. Very interested to see if it grows at all, if it produces fruit, if the fruit grows true to type, et cetera.

Neither of the fish peppers sprouted. I've had problems with seeds from this company germinating. I just threw down the last 7 seeds in to see if anything happens. Really frustrated trying to get a fish pepper plant going here. We'll see what happens. If nothing germinates, i guess i'll try to get to the Seattle Tilth fair this year and just buy a plant.

Today (4/4 | fri.) i began starting some tomatoes:
- black cherry (my favorite / the most successful of the tomatoes i've grown -- saved these seeds myself) @ 4
- ditmarsher @ 4
- hahms gelbe @ 4

Hope any of these germinate. Seed-starting is still a new adventure for me and it doesn't always go terribly well, which leaves me frustrated and sad.

Next i need to look at what seeds i want to sow directly in their pot. I might just do that with the herbs and onions. Then to decide what other veggies i'm going to grow this year -- i think edamame for sure, for one thing.

Hooray, spring!!