Posted by inkstone on 2014-02-21 16:55:42 UTC and edited at 2014-02-21 16:57:00 UTC


Due to the all the snow and cold we've had this winter (comparatively, for this region), I've been lax about prepping for the coming growing season. But I had some time (and containers) so I started wintersowing a bunch of seeds.

8 wintersown containers

We'll see how they do. One of the reasons why I've been hesitant to start the wintersowing as early as previous years is because this winter has been erratic. We've had subzero wind chills… and then the next week is high 40s/low 50s. I normally wintersow my seeds in order (cool weather crop first, hot loving crop last) for this very reason but that spread is just too much. Today we're in the mid-60s! Last week at this time, I had over a foot of snow blocking my front door.

I have some snow peas I want to plant but I need to figure out how to handle that. My backyard is still covered with snow (though maybe for not much longer given how warm it is today) and the ground is hard as a rock right now. I normally sow the snow peas directly but at this rate, it might be mid- to late March before the ground warms up enough that I can work the soil. Maybe I should start them in pots first?