Posted by spring_rain on January 05, 2014 at 12:03


I have a problem. I technically like gardening. I really like the idea of gardening. What I like above all is buying interesting seeds and letting them languish in a cupboard.

Where I fall down is sustaining the willpower to go out every week come wind or rain and maintain the garden. I find the work satisfying when I actually get round to it, but often put it off. Last year I also had horrible depression and didn't make it off the sofa a lot of days. I planted a bunch of things and then neglected them; it wasn't pretty.

But 2014 is another year. I have a beautiful garden (when it's been tended, anyway), and it deserves better from me. I'm not going to make grand claims that I'll be the perfect gardener this year, but with Growstuff I think I might have a chance at keeping track and thus keeping on top of things. And knowing I have somewhere to keep a proper record of my results should be a motivator. We'll see.

Happy New Year and good gardening, internets.