Tomato Solanum lycopersicum

100% 2386/149 days

Planted 2014-07-12

First harvest expected 2014-10-10

Finish expected 2014-12-08

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Jul 2014


2386/149 days


6 seeds


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Of all the types of tomato I've ever tried to grow here, the Pink Egg is the only one that I'd say has "worked". Others have survived for a certain period and given a few resentful, bland tomatoes but the pink eggs produce like mad and they taste quite good, and don't have any problem with pests, disease, or cracking like the others do. The fruit is beautiful colours and the size is between a cherry and a roma. They produce well in the dry season and will keep growing through the wet (but will not fruit, the humidity messes with pollination). If you nurse them through a wet season they'll start fruiting again as soon as the weather dries up a bit.


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tomato Solanum lycopersicum

Median Lifespan 149 days

First harvest expected 90 days after planting

Last harvest expected 115 days after planting