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carrot planting

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root 2019-06-30


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midgen berry

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fruit 2015-02-25


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beet planting

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planted carrot
4 months ago
planted beet
7 months ago
planted bok choy
7 months ago
planted cherry tomato
7 months ago
planted choy sum
7 months ago
harvested 15 individual parsley
7 months ago
harvested ginger
9 months ago
harvested 12 individual midgen berries
about 5 years ago
planted ginger
over 5 years ago
commented on Requests for new crops
over 6 years ago
planted parsley
over 6 years ago
planted nectarine
over 6 years ago
planted midgen berry
over 6 years ago
planted spring onion
over 6 years ago
planted curry leaf
over 6 years ago
planted perilla
over 6 years ago
commented on Uses for lemon peel
over 6 years ago