Posted by Skud on March 26, 2013 at 23:20 and edited at February 10, 2020 at 02:45


... but I'm tired of it, so I won't. I just wish our mutual understanding of the term "quiet enjoyment" involved fewer inspections and more autonomy in the garden.

Anyway. The other day I picked up some herbs from the CERES nursery, and on Monday I planted them along the front fence:

herbs planted in a narrow bed, with my shadow visible across them

There was already a small rosemary bush there, on the left. Reading from left to right, there's now also oregano, chives, and common and lemon thyme.

(Do you like my dorky gardening hat? One day I might actually take a pic of it that's not a shadow.)

I also did a bunch of weeding and made some weed tea:

bucket full of weeds and water

It's just a bucket of weeds and water, which I'll put a lid on and leave for a few weeks, then use the liquid as plant food and keep topping it up until it's leached all the goodness out of the weeds. Lots of weeds have deep taproots and are great at getting nutrients from marginal soil, so this helps get those nutrients back into the bits of garden where I want them to be. Once you've refilled the water a few times and a couple of months have passed, the weeds are supposedly very dead and can safely be used as mulch or chucked in the compost without risk of them reseeding/rerooting there.