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chives Allium schoenoprasum

Chives has been planted 39 times by Growstuff members.


chives is a perennial crop (living more than two years)

First harvest expected

35 days after planting


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What people are saying about chives

Shakey SHakey Town

We've been rock and rolling with 7.7 Earthquake at midnight and i lost count of how many 6-pointer aftershocks - and a tsunami evacuation.

Super tired, this morning we went home for about 90 minutes sleep - and then went looking for something normal (instead of our wavy shaken up house). School is closed, the city cordoned off. We ended up at the garden shop, it having the only cafe open on a Monday.

Lots of plants acquired. Many large tomato seedlings, three artichoke, some perpetual spinach and chives.

They'll mostly go into the large garden bed we need to dig (frame is built). They'll need wind shelter. We've got a high winds warning for tonight (YAY! more disasters) so the seedlings are sheltering behind a north fenced. The winds are nearly always northerly here, but a north fence of course also blocks the sun from the north - so it'll need something better.

New photos

I've just uploaded some more recent photos of my plants. The parsley is still going strong, having seeded itself in a second spot along the box. One patch has died back a bit - I clearly need to pick it and use it more often. The chives have also died back a bit, again probably because I wasn't harvesting enough. The aloe vera has tripled in size - if anyone in the area wants some, there's plenty. Along with a ton of geraniums, which apparently love my dry soil whenever I forget to water.

How to grow chives

Grown for: leaf (13) stem (1)

Plant from: seedling (10), (6), seed (6), advanced plant (4), root division (3)

Plant in: sun (21), (9), semi-shade (7), shade (1)

Scientific names

  • Allium schoenoprasum

Alternate names

None known.

Chives varieties

None known.

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