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What's better than Brussel sprouts? Home-grown Brussels Sprouts grown by robots.

The automation (aka Robots) I'm using is an open source app called "Home Assistant". It runs nicely on a raspberry pi, but I'm running it on an old laptop, which is very convenient due to the backup power supply (the battery) and having two network interfaces (wifi and Ethernet) and Bluetooth all built-in.

The water pump is controlled by an orvibo switch. This is a switch with wifi than can be turned on and off from smartphones, but also from the home assistant app.


I run the water pump for a total of five seconds, only on Saturday. This is enough water for the seedlings for a whole week.


the water pump:

Water pump Water pump Hole from water tank

And the whole system:

Whole seedling system

Here's the automation config

  - id: 1580629217767
    alias: Seedling water
    description: run water pump for 5 seconds on sunday mornings
    - at: 07:00
      platform: time
    - condition: time
      - sun
    - data:
        entity_id: switch.water_pump
      service: switch.turn_on
    - delay: 5
    - data:
        entity_id: switch.water_pump
      service: switch.turn_off

and the same thing set up in HomeAssistant's web ui:

screenshot screenshot screenshot

Seen here are some coriander and lettuce seedings seedlings