Posted by ribbonknight on 2013-06-01 15:09:46 UTC and edited at 2019-05-27 05:07:48 UTC


The first plant is a cucumber, Mexican sour gherkin, which I've grown from seed. Firstly, yay, the things I grew from seed this year have been way more successful than last year!

The cucumber looks like this: alt text

There's a little tendril coming up the top - if this vines, am I supposed to do something when it's this young to encourage growth? Is it big enough that I should be potting this already? Also, I planted a couple seeds in each segment of the black plastic planter (there are two segments being used here). Am I supposed to murder the weakest one, so that only one plant per segment survives?

Secondly, I have questions about this awesome thyme plant (NOT grown from seed!), which looks like this:

alt text

Obviously I need to repot it into a bigger container. But am I supposed to be trimming (pruning? Can it be pruning if there's no fruit??) this, or just letting it grow wild? If trimming, how do you decide what to cut off?