Posted by melannen on 2013-04-25 00:18:38 UTC and edited at 2019-05-27 23:43:12 UTC


Most of the rest of my seedlings came up last week all together - I had forgotten how violently beens and squash can grow - so I did a bunch of transplanting. All but two of the seeds I started came up, and I think one of the other two is about to - I am gratified! Although if I end up with six producing zucchini plants this summer I'll regret it deeply. Or possibly have to flee the state. :P

Anyway, they're spread around the three garden beds we have set up that get at least partial sun in the summers; they will probably all die or be eaten shortly. (the downside of living in what is basically a fully operational forest-edge ecosystem.) They looked so big and strong in the little seedling pots, and now they look so tiny and vulnerable! (Well, except those two bean plants, they're still going for full-out Audrey II.)