Posted by malissa on 2013-11-15 06:08:12 UTC and edited at 2013-11-15 06:08:30 UTC


Got some garden time in today, engaging in the usual jobs of slaughtering slugs, twisting the bok choy and watercress back into their pots so they reseed rather than drop seeds on the paving, tying up the sugar snap peas a bit more, watering and, at last, planting some things. I've planted little fat round carrot seeds, a mix of beetroot seeds and mini white turnip seeds in a white styrofoam box. In a shallow, rectangular yellow planter I've put French breakfast radishes (the long ones) and spring onions.

The radishes are five weeks away (20 Dec), the turnips seven (3 Jan), the beetroot between seven and twenty (though many leaves will end up in salads before then) (3 Jan - 4 April) and the carrots a long 17 weeks (14 Mar).

All going well. As long as I keep the slugs and the cat visitor away. And the fence doesn't fall down.