Posted by malissa on July 07, 2013 at 06:15


Last year my potted hyacinths were a bit sad and not at all the lovely blue they should have been. No flowers at all! So I separated the bulbs and dug them in under the tree. Today two little shoots are peeking up out of the dirt. Hopefully all four have survived and there'll be some pretty flowers in a little while.

The curly parsley, Vietnamese mint and brussels sprout are doing well. The marigolds are having a sad and the flat leaf parsley is making seeds which I am directing over a flat wide pot of dirt.

The tarragon appears to have died off but there are several tarragon-like shoots around the stick.

It appears the watercress has jumped a pot as there are two seedlings that look a lot like watercress in a pot I'd put a rescued marigold in.