Posted by malissa on June 17, 2013 at 11:47


(Originally posted December 09, 2012 at 01:28)

Pot gardening needs a little extra planning when you've only you and a non-cargo bike to haul large pots and potting mix. The second nearest hardware will deliver, but only once a week and at farmer's market time, which is a bit of a cow. Still, the deliver for free and come when they say they will.

This morning I potted out two pots of borage (come on down, bees), a pineapple sage and topped up the beetroot pots, which seemed to me to be a little too shallowly planted. One is of the borage is either two plants very close together or one plant with two main stems. Probably two plants but I didn't want to stress the roots unnecessarily so they can just grow together and see how they go.

Potted out Vietnamese mint, dill and baby bok choy, which may have been in its seedling punnet too long. It does seem to have made new shoots so we'll see.

Put some basil seedlings in a pot for indoors as the bugs have sorely shredded my original basil. I suppose it's kept them away from everything else?

The tomatoes have little white critters on the undersides of the leaves and the big leaves are getting a bit holey, so I sprayed it them with pyrethrum spray. I will have to move the tomatoes further into the sun as the tree has overtaken them. However, the only place to put them that is not in the way of anything else, such as the tap, the outdoor power point or the door, leaves them squarely in the spot that Banana the cat uses to climb the fence to get on the roof. Banana is not my cat, but my garden and roof are part of his twice daily route. He's a cat of insistent habit and outdoor nature. I wouldn't put it past him to try and climb the tomato bushes if they are in his way. He's my major pest, but at least I've stopped him pissing in the dirt next to the kitchen window.