Posted by jok on 2013-06-13 14:28:11 UTC


The growing season is all over the place here currently. The winter was still here in Mid May when we had the last snow. We now have the last of the daffs with foxgloves, and all manner of things growing together which normally would never naturally be seen together. This means that with a temperature of just 11C on what is almost the longest day of the year, will give you an idea of the awful time gardens are having here. The apple blossom, was so late, and then was still here just over a week ago. There appears to be a good crop, but the June drop is still to happen, will it?

I still have most plants not in the growing beds, as the weather has been so cold and damp, I did not start planting inside till May, before would have led to bolting and death for many. Planting so late has cause some long stringy seedlings, which are not enjoying being potted on or even direct planting out.
The courgettes suffered most and had to be replanted. The Squash which I planted direct as now so late, still have not appeared three weeks latter.

The Onions and Garlic planted late last year, just do not seem to have their bulbs growing, the foliage is starting to fail, but I am sure we will not still be eating our own crops now next year.

I am expecting this to be a really bad growing year.