Posted by CloCkWeRX on 2023-12-07 08:56:34 UTC and edited at 2024-06-13 01:04:40 UTC


This year I accidentally produced approximately 6 billion cabbages. This immediately lead to problems, as not wanting to waste anything and reading that all parts are edible, I set about home canning, freezing and doing about every variation of stuffing something into a cabbage, or stuffing cabbage into something.

What worked well: Splitting leaf material from stems for green outer leaves, and saute with a lid on. Tender cabbage heads, slathered in Sriracha or other curry pastes, pickled. Stuffed capsicum with finely diced, pickled cabbage greens and pork. Freezer Ziploc bags for excess material

What didn't: Getting rid of slugs was a nightmare.