Garlic Allium sativum

100% 2611/226 days

Planted 2014-10-08

First harvest expected 2015-05-24

Finish expected 2015-05-22

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Harvest months: We need more data on this crop in your latitude. There's not enough info yet to predict harvests. in Osterley, on the outskirts of South West London

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Oct 2014


2611/226 days


36 bulbs


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This is a soft neck garlic that I have been planting and saving over the last 10 years, so I now have a garlic that really likes our soil and climate. I have saved the biggest and best cloves from this years seed crop and keep them aside to plant in really good soil to provide bulbs for next years seed crop - these I will plant in the next week or so. The ones I have just planted are the second best from the seed crop - we will eat all of these over 6 months or so (they will keep this long) and there will be enough to give a load away. I have another 24 to put in yet Sometimes we have a very mild winter and the garlic stay as one huge bulb, apparently if garlic don't get cold then the bulbs do not split into cloves. To stop this happening I put my cloves in the fridge for a week before planting and then they get half an hour in the freezer just prior to going in the ground. I put a pinch of FBB dug into the soil below the clove to give the garlic a yummy start and always plant in wet soil to get the roots growing right away


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garlic Allium sativum

Median Lifespan 226 days

First harvest expected 228 days after planting

Last harvest expected 228 days after planting

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